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Spread the Broadband Manifesto

If you already signed the Broadband Manifesto, you can now tell your Facebook friends about it.

Join the Broadband Manifesto community with a click of a button, and demand a faster and cheaper internet connection in Lebanon!


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Sign the Broadband Manifesto

Broadband connectivity is a must for economic growth and social development and applications in education, health, banking, and commerce need to be on-line and connected. Broadband also means faster Internet and more bandwidth to upload and upload e-mails, files, videos, and pictures.


3000 more signatures are needed to put the broadband national demand in front of the council of ministers.

Please spread the message around you… Together we can do better!

Sign the Broadband Manifesto:

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Pineapple Chicken Stir-Fry… with FRENCH’S® Honey Mustard

I recently realized that the French’s food brand is not French at all.

Actually, it is American, and the products contain… wait for it…. High Fructose Corn Syrup!

Look for nutritional information on the French’s website to see it for yourself

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Twouble with Twitters

You don’t use Twitter yet? This video will make you want to fly to the Twittersphere in the next few seconds… or will it?

“You’re just randomly bragging about your unexceptional life.”

The story is about a young man struggles against the pressure to Twitter his life away.

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Melodrama Habibi

Melodrama Habibi (2008) is a Lebanese film by Lebanese director Hany Tamba.

Featuring Julia Kassar, Patrick Chesnais, Pierrette Katrib,  Gabriel Yammine, Lara Matar, Pierre Chammassian, Maggie Badawi, Majdi Machmouchi & Fadi Reaidy, it was released yesterday in Lebanon’s cinemas

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Dubai metro vs. Lebanon’s train

While all lights were directed to the new Metro in Dubai…

Suddenly, public transport is ‘cool’ for Arabs. Thank you Dubai. (360east)

Arabs are car crazed. This is one generalization that is safe to make.

And Arab elites, are big car crazed. That’s another generalization safe to make.

No wonder that public transport systems across the Arab world have not really evolved since the 1960s. Increasingly fueled by easy oil money, and increasingly alienated from the needs of the masses, the health of cities or the safety of the environment, ruling and economic elites have made Arab cities into car cities. From Beirut to Cairo, and from Amman to Riyadh, it’s cars, cars and more cars. Cars cool. Busses Bad.

But as the Sheikhs of Dubai rode the US 7.8 Billion Metro tonight at 9 pm 9.9.09, suddenly, modern public transport has become cool.

… I couldn’t but remember sadly that many many years ago, the working train in Lebanon connecting Beirut to Damascus, even to Istanbul, Baghdad (Iraq) and Hijaz, in Saudi Arabia.

Here are some stories and pictures found on the internet:

Al Mashriq has an article about the Middle East Railways:

In 1891 a French company obtained a concession to build a railway from Beirut to Damascus and this was soon merged with a Belgian project (CF en Sync) for a line to Muzeinib serving the rich grain area of the Hauran. Formed in Paris, the Societe des Chemins de fer Ottomans Economiques de Beyrouth-Damas-Hauran at first planned a metre gauge adhesion line but the difficulties involved in ascending the Lebanon range behind Beirut resulted in the adoption of the Abt rack system for part of the route.

The rack locomotive leaving the reversing station at Aley
en route for Bhamdoun, the next station up the line, 1974

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IndyAct vs. Sedar

IndyAct launched their “Stop the Carnage” ad campaign at the beginning of this year dedicated to combating rising fur sales in the Gulf and Middle East …
yay for IndyAct

And what does Sidar promote?

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