American Gladiator, Arabic Version الأبطال


Zeina Khouri is the host of the show Gladiator, along with the Star Academy star, Nasser Abu Lafi.

Zeina Khoury

36 participants from all over the Arabic world are competing against 14 professional athletes in a production that did cost 3 million dollars, and that was expected to be full of action, adventure, and fighting, …


… The 1st episode quickly turned into a Star-Academy play for children, where the strong dangerous muscular admired athletes were often seen on the ground.

Did the cameras have to focus on all that crying and weeping on slow-motion?

What was LBC thinking of?johnny bravo



Tania frustrated from not being able to finish the last 2 centimeters
Frustrated Tania Exhausted Tania

Mini-Studio Patricia falling
Patricia falling Mini-Studio

Dabe3 injured
Dabe3 suffering on slow-motion Dabe3 suffering on slow-motion

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  1. 1

    Liliane said,

    So true, I watched it a couple of nights ago and kept comparing it to the 1990’s production of American Gladiators who back then was much better than LBC’s. I did not like it, it looked like the athletes themselves didn’t know what they were doing, even more than the participants.

  2. 2

    dany said,

    oh come on why are you being that negative!!! inno the guy injured himself , the games are not easy i have seen the American show and it happens a lot !! even both contestants got injured !! from my side, i think its much better than watching a stupid singing or dancing show, at least they are trying to do something new…i think i will watch a few more episodes to make up a better opinion…yet what did you think of the hosts ?

  3. 3

    armigatus said,

    Zeina is cute, and accidents do happen indeed.

    My complaint was that the 1st episode was directed as another reality show, focusing on the emotions of the viewers, and replaying the injuries on slow-motion, rather than focusing on the strong superhero-like athletes, and on fast and dynamic games.

    The players themselves screamed and woowed and lot, some barely spoke any Arabic

    Having said that, that show has a lot of potential, I hope the second episode was better

  4. 4

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  5. 5

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  6. 6

    naram said,

    is there a new version of gladiators on l b c ????
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