Movie: The One Man Village سمعان بالضيعة

One Man Village

The One Man Village is currently played in Empire Sofil

In his comforting and humorous film, Simon El Habre observes the life in his quasi ghost village and tries to reflect on the collective and individual memory in a country that seems to live in a collective amnesia and is vulnerable to a new civil war.

Semaan El Habre: The film that we are shooting is actually my life story, how I live, how I deal with the cows. There is no scenario. It’s what I truly do every minute, every hour of the day…

Trailer & censored scene:

Semaan is leading a quiet life on his farm in the small village of Ain al-Halazoun in the Lebanese mountains. The hamlet was completely emptied and destroyed in combats during the civil war in Lebanon between 1975 and 1990. Today, many years after an official reconciliation, its inhabitants, who are all from one family, regularly go back to the village to cultivate their plots of land or visit their houses and always leave before sunset.

The scene that was censored by the Lebanese General Security.
Reason: Threatening the Civil order and the “Peace” in our society.
What do you think?

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  1. 1

    أدون said,

    It’s a movie my friends and i been waiting for months. The censorship decision is so frustrating, that’s one new crappy decision for the Lebanese General security.

    Nice Blog by the way

  2. 2

    babagannouj said,

    I personally don’t see how this scene divides the Lebanese anymore than they are already divided. I also don’t see how it threatens peace, stability and civil order. One has to assume under these circumstances that peace, stability and civil order have to exist in the first place to be threatened in the second. Besides, the Lebanese General Security should realize that such efforts are futile given that these clips end up going viral on the internet.

    I think we need a constructive and honest discussion when it comes to the war issue, and that this stupid censoring business is not doing anybody any good and is not pushing the discussion forward, but rather making this more complicated and so taboo thus negating the whole effect of such a scene in such a move. It’s sad really.

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