Assad decrees Syria smoking ban

Lucky Striked cigarettes: Your Throat Protection against irritation, against cough Wow, even in Syria, smoking is banned inside cafes, restaurants and other public spaces, as well as in educational institutions, health centres, sports halls, cinemas and theatres and on public transport.


I wonder when the self-rated smartest-people-on-earth will follow.

Remember that Lucky Strike ad from 1930? Probably not if you are reading this blog.

Lucky Strike cigarettes: Your Throat Protection against irritation, against cough

Guess what? it is not true, smoking does not make you healthier or cooler… Smoking kills you… and those around you.

smoking kills

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    Jaya Hardy said,

    It is a general assumption that, if you quit smoking then you have to suffer with lot of withdrawal effects that may damage your health adversely.

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    Jaya Hardy said,

    Teens do not know that the dangers of cigarette smoking because they see their parents smoke happy. Peer pressure is another culprit that young people smoke, but in some cases, smoking is an act of resistance or simply performs only the result of curiosity.

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    […] Filed under Activism &#183 Tagged Atef Majdalani, Cyprus, Lebanon, Smoking Following the steps of Syria and Turkey, Cyprus introduced a law banning smoking from public places: , Cyprus and Macedonia […]

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