2nd Arab Bloggers Meeting

During the Internet Ideas Fair that was organised by the Social Media Exchange, Doreen Khoury talked about the 2nd Arab Bloggers Meeting that will be held in Beirut on the 7th of December. Doreen is the Program manager at the Middle East office of the Heinrich Böll Foundation.


Other panelists who were present :

  • Amanda Cranmer & Hala Makarem Amanda Cranmer: Political Officer at the US Embassy in Lebanon and representative of the Middle East Partnership Initiative.
  • Steve Haley: Lebanon country director of Mercy Corps.
  • Wissam Salibi: Co-founder of the Lebanese Civic Media Initiative.
  • Ghassan Yonis - Steve Haley - Wissam Salibi Hala Makarem: Founder of n, an applied research creativity community, and former program coordinator and project manager at the UNDP.
  • Ghassan Yonis: Activist and online strategist from Amman, currently developing herak.org

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