Watch Avatar 3D, in Circuit Empire theaters

One of the most expensive movies of all time is now officially one of the most successful at the box office as the science fiction epic grossed more than US$1 billion (AU$ 1.1 billion) worldwide.
Neytiri, princess of the Na'vi Omaticaya Clan

Neytiri, princess of the Na'vi Omaticaya Clan

Watch Avatar in 3D in Circuit Empire theaters in Beirut, Lebanon

Avatar” has been strongest overseas, where it grossed US$133.5 million in 110 markets this weekend, bringing its total to US$670.2 million. It is already the fourth-highest grossing movie internationally and soon is expected to become the second, surpassing the US$752 million collected by “The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King.”
Its only real competition in raking in more money than any film ever is Director James Cameron‘s last film, “Titanic,” which grossed US$1.8 billion in 1997 and 1998. To beat that mark, “Avatar,” which is currently at US$1.03 billion, would have to keep generating big returns well into February or March.

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