Clean your Windows Registry

Old Computer TrashedIs your computer a few years old, and so slow, that you consider throwing it away, and getting a new one?

That is something Annie Leonard would highly discourage.

Instead, there are a few steps you could do to make your computer faster (Windows):
– Uninstall old programs,
– Defragment your hard drive…
– …and clean your Windows Registry:

Auslogics Registry Cleaner does that for you:

The Windows Registry is the most accessed and the most vulnerable to errors part of your computer. As you install and uninstall software it becomes cluttered with obsolete and corrupted entries, which can cause system errors, crashes, and failures. Therefore it’s extremely important to keep the Registry in top form by cleaning all the junk and fixing all the errors that accumulate over time.Auslogics Registry Cleaner is designed for fast and safe Registry optimization. It will detect and fix various Registry errors and ensure that your computer runs as good as new.

Althought it mentioned a performance enhancement of 3%, I could see that my computer now runs much faster than that.

Thank you Auslogic

Download Auslogics Registry Cleaner.

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    I think that most people that own a computer don’t even know what a registry cleaner is or what it does. I think that it should be part of everyone’s monthly maintenace schedule for their computer. Most average computer users don’t know enough about the registry to mess with it themselves and should just use the automation featurs of a good quality registry cleaner. Thanks for helping to get the word out!

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    Electric Burner : said,

    registry cleaners are really very useful specially if you are encountering registry errors on your windows xp machine ‘

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