The Lebanon I Dream Of, by Pierre Dawalibi

A documentary film about the wreck of a country that we made for ourselves

50 personalities describe how beautiful Lebanon is and how ugly we have made it going through pollution, corruption, traffic system, giving solutions among which the near elections out of which we can make a big change.

The movie ends with hope for a better future if the Lebanese youth overcome their ignorance and fear and lead the way themselves to a new civil country.

Watch the movie for free on

Interviewees (in alphabetic order):
  • Abdo El Ghazali
  • Aimee Succar
  • Alexandre Najjar
  • Andre El Hajj
  • Antoine Ghandour
  • D. Boutros Labaki
  • Carole Sakr
  • Farid Salman
  • Fouad El Turq
  • Gilbert Doumit
  • Hady Sharara
  • Henry Zgheib
  • Hiba El Kawwas
  • Jean Rouhana
  • Jihad Al Atrash
  • Khalil & Patricia Semaan
  • Marie Claude Najm
  • Mary Mahfood
  • May El Murr
  • Michel Elefteriades
  • Nayla Geagea
  • Pierre Sadek
  • Rabih Keyrouz
  • Rabih khalifeh
  • Racha Najdi
  • Rafic Ali Ahmad
  • Raymond Jebara
  • Refaat Tarabay
  • Romeo & Alexandra Lahhoud
  • S. Hani Fahs
  • S. Morsel Nasr
  • Sonia Beiruty
  • Sr. Agnes Mariam
  • Stavro Jabra
  • Tony Hanna
  • D. Waleed Gholmieh
  • Yolande Khoury
  • Pr. Zeidan Karam
  • Zeina Karam
  • Ziad Abed El Samad
  • Ziad Abou Absi

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