Valets Parking in Lebanon

Since few people have a sense of community or respect public property in Lebanon, and since most are too lazy to walk 2 meters, our take today is on Valets Parking attendants.

Valets Parking in Beirut, Lebanon

Valets Parking in Lebanon

We do not consider the valets to be second class citizens, and we do not paint everyone with the same brush. However, some are really arrogant, and we do agree with the points that Liliane, Finkployed and Lamal raised:

Park your own car, avoid giving it to a Valet, by Liliane

It’s a bit silly giving your car to a Valet parking when you’re going to an ordinary restaurant and even a coffee shop, moreover that place having a lot of parking spaces near it. I could understand if it’s raining too much, or the region doesn’t have parking spaces any place near, or it’s a fancy shmancy club or restaurant, however and I’ve noticed, many restaurants and ordinary diners now take over these parking spaces, which are on the road, and which legally are not theirs and is for the public. I am hating this kind of dictatorship

Never Give Your Car to a Valet in Beirut, by Finkployd

Gemmayze stairs taken over by the valets parking attendants

Valet Parking Part Deux, by Jamal

Forward Forum had a Valet parking service that would save these 20 some year olds a walk of no more than 50 meters, yet hundreds of the job searchers opted to pay the extra fee for the luxury of just tossing the car key.

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    […] presents several views on valet parking in Lebanon, encouraging people to walk instead of drive, in this post. Cancel this […]

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    Jamie said,

    No woman is going to walk… have you seen the heels these women wear? Why not just take a cab ? Beirut cabs rock compared to the rest of the world.

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