Tip for Renting an Apartment in Cairo

Egypt Cairo Cairo is divided into many districts, and each part has a special way of life and its own type of people. There is also a particular price range for each district. Some areas have a high living standard and others are very rustic. I will give you some advice about where are the better places for a foreigner to live happily and comfortably.


Cairo Downtown This is the center of Cairo and the people here are used to seeing foreigners. Prices for flats start from 400 dollars for a two-bedroom flat. Downtown is a good place for shopping and to have fun. You can meet people from all over the world in the cafes and make friendship. Here you really feel the Egyptian culture. But be careful there are some Egyptians, especially on Talaat Harb St. or Bustan cafe that will offer to find you a flat but trick you instead. It is better to work with a real agent who thinks about his reputation and not fast money. You should be careful in some places in Abdin, because here some people are not used to seeing foreigners, especially girls.


This is an island on the Nile river. It is a small area and close to Downtown (15 minutes by car). This area has a high living standard and the prices for rent begin from 700 dollars. The area has a lot of foreigners living there and it is a quiet area. You can find many places to relax and have fun like the Mariott Hotel, Cilantro coffee shop and many nice bars. There are also ships on the banks of the Nile where you can enjoy food and drinks. There is nowhere in Zamalek that I would not recommend for foreigners.


Typical busy street in MaadiThis is a very quiet area with a high living standard. You can feel relaxed because of the atmosphere and the good weather because it is full of trees and flowers. The prices start from 500 dollars per month. Many foreigners live here so the people are used to foreigners and your neighbors will respect your privacy. The only places not to live are in Ahmed Zaky street. Some places in the area Arab el Maadi are fine, but other places are not recommended.

Garden city

This is also a quiet and high living standard area. It is very close to downtown (5 minutes by car). The prices start from 700 dollars. There are many embassies in Garden city, so there are police in the street which makes the area seem very safe. Your neighbors will respect your privacy and this are of the city also has a lot of Arabic schools. There is nowhere that I would not recommend in Garden City.


Hadayek El Mohandessin This area is bigger and full of good shops and different services, so it is a great place to go shopping. There are also a lot of hotels in this area, so they are used to foreigners. It is awake even after midnight with lots of activity, because there are many different types of entertainment. The prices start from 600 dollars per month. It is farther from downtown, around 15 minutes by car. The only place that is not good to live in Mohandiseen is el Heteia, and area behind the Nabila Cairo hotel in gem3et eldewal elarabeia street.


Most of this area is of a high living standard and there are some big five-star hotels in the area by the Nile. The area is close to Mohandiseen, so it has a similar lifestyle, but there are some local areas as you go farther from the Nile. You should avoid Dayer el Nahia beside Tersana club. Dokky is 10 or 15 minutes from downtown by car, depending on your location. The prices start from 500 dollars.


Agouza This is a good, rather small area by the Nile river. It is 15 minutes from downtown. The prices start from 600 dollars per month. This is where the British Council is located, and many of the streets are nice with green trees and squares. In some places there are some guys who may bother girls or other disturbances, so ask your rental agent for advice. But other places in Agouza are very nice. The place to avoid, el Heteia, is located between Mohandiseen and Agouza.

Cairo Panorama

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Credits: Maadi picture, Downtown, Cairo, Mohandiseen, Agouza, panorama

If you have any questions about real estate or legal matters, feel free to contact Mohamed Tammam at tamamrock@gmail.com or+2 0109495716.

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    The Londoner said,

    This is a very useful list of places – wish I’d seen it before moving to Haram! Keep up the good work.

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