Green Festival Seattle 2010

What I saw in the Green Festival

  1. Auspen: The World’s Eco-friendly whiteboard marker
  2. E-cycle: a program that provides free recycling of computers and other electronics. Goodwill is partnering with them.
  3. Marcal: a company making 100% recycled paper products (tissues, napkins, toilet paper, ..) tissues and toilet paper with 100% recycled
  4. Canvas Dreams: a small company based in Oregon providing sustainable web hosting
  5. Sleeping Lady: a mountain resort in the Cascades. Their business card has flower seeds in it and can be planted
  6. Birchware: naturally green, 100% compostable cutlery
  7. Haymarket Books: a seemingly socialist/communist publishing house
  8. Fungi Perfecti: a company selling edible mushrooms. I’m definitely getting one of their products!
  9. Zipcar: who still owe me a $25 credit from my subscription started last year Didn’t they just get purchased ?
  10. Yes! Magazine: handing out calendars and past issues to people that subscribe (I did)
  11. 2012 Time for Change: a film by Joao Amorim, with some times to transcendental meditation 
  12. B Green: one of a number of companies selling organic clothing items
  13. Organic Consumers: a consumer guide to organic body care products
  14. Garden Cycles: an organization protecting the Washington forests from invading weeds and ivy
  15. Alchemy Goods: A Seattle company selling accessories (bags, wallets, ..) made of recycled bicycle tires
  16. Global Exchange: a travel company organizing tours around the world
  17. Eco Smart Supplies: wholesaler for eco stationary and printing products
  18. Belltown Pull Apart: sales rentals custom builds of bicycles
  19. Natural Awakenings: I spoke to an editor of the free magazine published in Portland and Seattle
  20. Interconnection: free recycling and data wiping based in Fremont
  21. NBIS: Network for Business Innovaction and Sustainability (in particular a seminar on Aug 19 hosted by Graphics Plus at the state-of-the-art sustainability shop)
  22. Mangrove Action Project: question your shrip – the true cost of industrially-farmed shrimp

 Amy Goodman

I also attended a talk by Amy Goodman, on her new book tour ("Breaking the Sound Barrier").

It’s uplifting to know that there still are true reporters out there. – I’ll be checking out her daily reports regularly.

There were also a number of companies specializing in sustainable construction material and fabrics, but I don’t have a real interest in those products at the moment.

Democracy Now


The BP oil spill (also referred to as the Deepwater Horizon oil spill) is a massive oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico that is considered the largest offshore spill in U.S. history.


The Gaza flotilla raid, was the boarding and seizure of six ships from the Gaza Freedom Flotilla in May 2010.
The flotilla, was attempting to break the blockade of Gaza and deliver humanitarian aid and building supplies to the Gaza Strip.
Israeli commandos seized the ships in international waters of the Mediterranean Sea after the flotilla refused Israel’s requests to have the cargos inspected at the port of Ashdod and items permitted by Israel delivered by land.

Rachel Corrie was an American member of the International Solidarity Movement (ISM).
She was crushed to death in the Gaza Strip by an Israel Defence Forces (IDF) bulldozer when she was kneeling in front of a local Palestinian’s home, thus acting as a human shield, attempting to prevent IDF forces from demolishing the home.

Rachel Corrie Rachel Corrie

Seattle Hosts 3rd Annual Green Festival

Celebrating its 3rd year, Seattle Green Festival is an energetic weekend of eco-innovations and hands-on demonstrations focusing on putting green into daily routines. Seattle Green Festival, held at the Washington State Convention Center, will feature renowned authors, leaders and educators, green businesses, workshops, fashion show, and kids’ activities.

A joint project of Global Exchange and Green America, Green Festival combines the nation’s largest green forum and certified green marketplace under one roof for audiences to explore and build sustainable solutions for healthier communities and environment. This summer Green Festival will present 175 speakers in 95 programs, joined by over 300 local and national businesses screened by Green America. []

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