A new bike trail in Beirut

Beirut inaugurated its first bike trail a few weeks ago.

Although it is a small loop inside the city, and that it is only opened for a few hours on Sundays, it is nevertheless a small step forward towards a green and sustainable transport mentality in the ‘my car is bigger than yours’ society, and a victory for the bikers in Lebanon.

According to The Daily Star, this bike lane covers Tripoli Street of the Beirut Souks and Patriarch Howayek Street.

Here is an illustrative map for those who have no clue where those streets are

Beirut Bike Trail Map

For the sake of comparison, The Burke-Gilman Trail in Seattle runs for 43 kilometers; Below is a illustrated Google map of the trail, and a map of Lebanon using the same scale.

Burke Gilman Trail MapLebanon map

More of the trail:

Burke Gilman trailBurke Gilman trail

You might also be interested in the Naked Bike Ride

Credits: Pictures [1][2]

If you know the origin of the Beirut bike lane map, please do inform us.

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    Jumana said,

    Well, it’s a start, and hopefully this will just be the beginning in Lebanon. For those interested in pushing things in the right direction, there is an event this Saturday (June 12) by Fast Forward, the new alternative transportation advocacy group in Lebanon, to bring attention to biking as a form of transport. Check out the invite at: http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=106891736024511&ref=ts#!/event.php?eid=106891736024511&ref=ts

    and hopefully this saturday you’ll “get on your bikes and ride!” as Freddie Mercury of Queen would’ve said…

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    Petite Tops said,

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