Smirnoff Ice is made of Carrots!

Or was it potatoes? Tomatoes? Ginger rhizomes?

Nobody knows. Unlike other beverages, a bottle of Smirnoff Ice doesn’t list the ingredients, and the official website doesn’t provide any additional data neither.

It was my understanding that food labels are required to list all ingredients, in order of decreasing weight. (See the label on an Almaza bottle below)

This leaves Smirnoff vulnerable to rumors.

Conveniently,  the trend now is to accuse people and companies randomly on blogs, having as only proof a vague lack of denial from the accused parties.

In case you haven’t read them, here are  the latest news:

… no wait, this last one is actually true

Did you hear any rumor recently?

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  1. 1

    BeirutiAdventures said,

    I wish you would have read my post more correctly. I wasn’t accusing them FALSELY… when Canadian customs tells us there is meat from animals not allowed to be eaten and butchered under Canadian law…. I think I have the right to believe so. For a product to be taken off ALL the shelves of the supermarkets, then tell us what they did… I’m sure I can say so. Besides you read the reply from Zwan… it didn’t make sense. 🙂 Nice post btw 🙂

  2. 2

    Armigatus said,

    Hey Seif,

    I am glad you like my post.

    And I am sure the Canadians have very valid reasons to care about their citizens health, and to pull the product from their shelves. However, they did not provided and clear & transparent reason why this happened:

    A “meats discouraged to be eaten, sold, and butchered in Canada” is still a pretty vague statement coming from a country where officials are accountable for what they say.

    Here is an example of a recall that leaves little room for questions:
    Valley Meat Beef Recall Prompted By E. Coli Outbreak, 1 Million Pounds May Be Affected

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