Score: Lebanon 0 – 1 Jordan

Because of the bandwidth limit, I only watch videos at night time.
Tonight, the following 2 videos were on my watch list:
While Jordan’s King Abdullah II was talking about the Israeli/Palestinian conflict on my favorite TV show, The Daily Show with Jon Stewart
… Nathalie Fadlallah, owner of Nataly’s agency, was being cursed by the thousands of Lebanese who were stuck in traffic due to a fashion show that closed one of the main arteries of Naccache [Report by MTV]

Tarek: I don’t know what added value this fashion show brought Lebanon, but I think in terms of productivity millions of dollars were lost because of wasted time. This is a crime against the people living in the area and against Lebanon.

Jordan gets a +1 for having an intelligent discussion on TV

Lebanon gets a -1000 for having officials that surprise us with even newer ways of screwing with thousands of its citizens


On a bright side, here is a picture of the fashion show, taken from StarScene

Totally worth the good cause!

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