Canada 1 – 0 Lebanon

Picture it, a Canadian city with a “metro area” of 9,417.88 km2 is where I currently live. Not a bad size city if you ask me… pretty close to the full size Lebanon actually. It seems to be governed very well… I mean traffic runs smoothly and safely, snow is removed on time (usually), people follow the laws, and jobs for anyone who is actually trying to find a job. Oh, did I mention that the city council is ALWAYS functioning effectively and properly? Now picture this: my Canadian city is very small compared to the 9,984,670 km2 which encompasses the whole Canadian country… and guess what? They’re governing all that land, with all those 35 million people remarkably well. – Seif

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    Ramy said,

    Well take into account that Toronto.. which I presume you are reffering to isn’t bombed, and its neighbour is only the US to which peace has been defined for a while…

    Canada has a crap load of natural resources and is one of the largest economies, and these big metropolis exist because of immigrant communities helping to define it and construct it.

    You cant compare Lebanon to a Canadian city… Toronto is better off than more US cities too, yet US is more better off than Canada.

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    ruel casalme said,

    hi, canadian girl can u be my friend?

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