Lebanon on the Brink of War

May 2012, Lebanon is on the brink of another chapter of a civil war.

If you live in any of the countries listed below, here is a sample of recent events… it is pretty bad:

 Tripoli – 14 May 2012:

“Tension has been rising between Tripoli’s Sunnis, who support the Syrian opposition against the government of President Bashar al-Assad, and supporters of the Syrian government including Tripoli’s Alawite community.
The arrest of Shadi Almawlawi, a young Sunni sheikh, triggered the armed clashes. “

 And in Beirut, one week later:

اشتباكات مسلحة في طريق الجديدة بين مسلحين مقربين من تيار المستقبل وعناصر من التيار العربي قرب مبنى الهندسة في جامعة بيروت العربية،
على خلفية مقتل الشيخ أحمد” عبد الواحد شمالي لبنان بنيران حاجز جيش لبناني.”

Yet, most news across the world are turning a blind eye.
Why is that? The tourists are already scared away anyway.

Here is an overview of randomly selected online newspapers:

Our journey starts on the American continent:


CNNCNN… nothing there

Meanwhile in Canada:

In Australia maybe? » The Sydney Morning Herald

The Europeans surely must have heard of something!

Germany » Die Tagesschau

Scroll down a little bit (a lot actually) …

Breast ImplantsA story about breast implants, nothing about the war yet…

Perhaps in Italy? » Corriere della Sera

Gay penguins, ducks, and cheating wives
Gay penguins, ducks, and cheating wives, I feel smarter already

Netherlands » Nederlandse Omroep Stichting

Spain » El País

The BBC must surely cover it…

Nothing on the front page…

 Almost there:  BBC » World News » Middle East

BBC Middle EastOuf that was not easy!

Euronews / Middle East?

No Lebanon-related stories above the fold.

Most news agencies reported on the Egyptian polls, Bin Laden’s doctor, and Facebook’s IPO.
What about us?

PS: The recent events are covered by fellow bloggers: Blog Baladi, Ink on the Side, Plus 961, A Separate State of Mind, Words of Action.

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