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Slow computer? Clean the Explorer context menu

If your computer is too slow, you use Windows XP, the right-click context-menu needs ages to load, and you do not want to throw aways your computer to get a new one every 6 months because you are against excessive consumerism (see The Story of Stuff, by Annie Leonard), there are some basic way to make your computer faster:
  • Defragmentate the hard disks,
  • Disable the automatic search function for network printers and folders,
  • Clean the Windows Registry
  • Clean the Explorer context menu:
    WinZip, WinRar, Groove Sync, Anti-virus, Windows Media Player… be gone!

is great for this purpose:

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2nd Mikati CSR Initiative seminar

The Mikati Corporate Social Responsibility Initiative Seminar

The Olayan School of Business (OSB) at the American University of Beirut hosted  its second seminar as part of the Mikati CSR Speaker Series and the CSR initiative sponsored by the Mikati Group.

Dr. Dima Jamali opening the seminar

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Dubai Metro… a flop?

After 5 months of service, did the Dh28 billion (75% above the original estimates), one of the most advanced, longest automated driverless WiFi-enabled train system live up to the initial hype and fanfare?
The world’s newest & most advanced metro aimed to join the league of megacities around the world, to ease the traffic problem, and to reduce road congestion and distances between key locations… Beyond its posh & mesmerizing design, did it meet these goals?
On the positive side, the metro fare is affordable, and the surrounding of the metro stations (mainly malls) will flourish…
On the other hand, the researchers and experts from around the world who have been working on the project since 1990, missed a key issue: that last mile connecting people from and to the stations:
Long walks in the desert heat is not the greatest ideas,
the 300 taxis assigned to support Dubai Metro network charge the regular fare (wasn’t the metro supposed to reduce the number of cars?),
and busses do not allow passengers that do not have a pre-paid card.
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Clean your Windows Registry

Old Computer TrashedIs your computer a few years old, and so slow, that you consider throwing it away, and getting a new one?

That is something Annie Leonard would highly discourage.

Instead, there are a few steps you could do to make your computer faster (Windows):
– Uninstall old programs,
– Defragment your hard drive…
– …and clean your Windows Registry:

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A Real Life Example of Design

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Why do people spend time on social networks?

According to Mikolaj Jan Piskorski, an associate professor at Harvard Business School, 70% of all social network actions are related to viewing pictures, 2 thirds of which are of women:

  • Men looking at women they don’t know
  • Men looking at women they do know.
  • Women look at other women they know.

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Spread the Broadband Manifesto

If you already signed the Broadband Manifesto, you can now tell your Facebook friends about it.

Join the Broadband Manifesto community with a click of a button, and demand a faster and cheaper internet connection in Lebanon!


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