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You will never believe what these lullabies are really about

I’m in baby land!

As with any parent, I am suddenly interested in children songs, namely those that I have been hearing & singing all my life:

“Il était un petit navire,” “Au clair de la lune,” … Who did not hear these playful catchy tunes about a happy little boat floating on the Mediterranean, the soothing moonlight, and our friend Pierrot?

Here are the lyrics of those popular songs & lullabies -in French:

Il était un petit navire
Qui n’avait jamais navigué
Ohé ! Ohé ! Matelot, navigue sur les flots…

Here is another one, with a tune so simple, you can easily play it on a piano:

Au clair de la lune,
Mon ami Pierrot,
Prête-moi ta plume
Pour écrire un mot.
Ma chandelle est morte,
Je n’ai plus de feu.
Ouvre-moi ta porte
Pour l’amour de Dieu

What could be more innocent and suitable for babies?


WRONG!! I don’t know if I ever heard the whole song in the correct form, or if I simply did not pay enough attention.

Let us look more carefully into the lyrics:

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عَيناكي… عَيناكي حلمٌ

عَيناكي... عَيناكي حلمٌ

How most Lebanese politicians sound to me.
Image from Buzz’s ad: خَلّي الجَوّ ولعان

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Lebanon: a country ahead, or a failed nation?

2 different articles, 2 extremes point of views on Lebanon, one author.
Read as Elie go though a love-hate relationship with a country dear to many:

That’s it, I am emigrating!

Oh my, what a beautiful country

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Lebanon on the Brink of War

May 2012, Lebanon is on the brink of another chapter of a civil war.

If you live in any of the countries listed below, here is a sample of recent events… it is pretty bad:

 Tripoli – 14 May 2012:

“Tension has been rising between Tripoli’s Sunnis, who support the Syrian opposition against the government of President Bashar al-Assad, and supporters of the Syrian government including Tripoli’s Alawite community.
The arrest of Shadi Almawlawi, a young Sunni sheikh, triggered the armed clashes. “

 And in Beirut, one week later:

اشتباكات مسلحة في طريق الجديدة بين مسلحين مقربين من تيار المستقبل وعناصر من التيار العربي قرب مبنى الهندسة في جامعة بيروت العربية،
على خلفية مقتل الشيخ أحمد” عبد الواحد شمالي لبنان بنيران حاجز جيش لبناني.”

Yet, most news across the world are turning a blind eye.
Why is that? The tourists are already scared away anyway.

Here is an overview of randomly selected online newspapers:

Our journey starts on the American continent:


CNNCNN… nothing there

Meanwhile in Canada:

In Australia maybe? » The Sydney Morning Herald

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Japan 1 – 0 Lebanon

Japan witnessed recently a Tsunami compounded by many, ongoing earthquakes of magnitudes never been seen before, coupled with severe cold weather and radiation leaks. Is such a disaster which has left 23,000 dead or missing the worst case scenario?

Not so fast! Despite the widespread devastation, it took 6 days to repair the Great Kanto Highway in Naka.

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Lebanon water

A geologist became Indonesia’s most active volcano’s gatekeeper after religion & mythology failed to predict the volcano’s eruption.

Knowing better, how are the Lebanese handling the lack of rain issue?

They …

A) Started by conserving the water consumption ?

B) Educated the people about water conservation techniques ?

C) Fixed the leaky water infrastructure ?

D) Prevented half of the water that falls in Lebanon to run into the sea?

E) None of the above

And the answer is …

Litani River

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تنفيس دواليب

You park here, we deflate your tires

تنفيس دواليب

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Arab girls for marriage found online!

Type the word Arab in Google (and a space), you will get suggestions based on what millions of people search daily… Apparently, many look for a nice girl to marry on the web! Why not?

Arab girls for marriageI decided, just for fun, to find the most popular nationalities that look for their second half on Google, here are the results:

Top 5 women for marriage list*:

#5 Sweden

Swedish women for marriage
Pretty, tall, blonde,… who doesn’t want an attractive viking?

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Score: Lebanon 0 – 1 Jordan

Because of the bandwidth limit, I only watch videos at night time.
Tonight, the following 2 videos were on my watch list:
While Jordan’s King Abdullah II was talking about the Israeli/Palestinian conflict on my favorite TV show, The Daily Show with Jon Stewart
… Nathalie Fadlallah, owner of Nataly’s agency, was being cursed by the thousands of Lebanese who were stuck in traffic due to a fashion show that closed one of the main arteries of Naccache [Report by MTV]

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Smirnoff Ice is made of Carrots!

Or was it potatoes? Tomatoes? Ginger rhizomes?

Nobody knows. Unlike other beverages, a bottle of Smirnoff Ice doesn’t list the ingredients, and the official website doesn’t provide any additional data neither.

It was my understanding that food labels are required to list all ingredients, in order of decreasing weight. (See the label on an Almaza bottle below)

This leaves Smirnoff vulnerable to rumors.

Conveniently,  the trend now is to accuse people and companies randomly on blogs, having as only proof a vague lack of denial from the accused parties.

In case you haven’t read them, here are  the latest news:

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