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Smirnoff Ice is made of Carrots!

Or was it potatoes? Tomatoes? Ginger rhizomes?

Nobody knows. Unlike other beverages, a bottle of Smirnoff Ice doesn’t list the ingredients, and the official website doesn’t provide any additional data neither.

It was my understanding that food labels are required to list all ingredients, in order of decreasing weight. (See the label on an Almaza bottle below)

This leaves Smirnoff vulnerable to rumors.

Conveniently,  the trend now is to accuse people and companies randomly on blogs, having as only proof a vague lack of denial from the accused parties.

In case you haven’t read them, here are  the latest news:

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And the largest Tabbooleh dish goes to…

The world’s largest Tabbouleh dish was prepared today in Saifi Market, Beirut, and earned a new entry in the Guinness book world records, in a giant effort to confirm that “Hummus and Tabbouleh are Lebanese”

Tabbooleh world record

Was it fun? Totally.

Was it a priority? I would have preferred to have the public transportation improved, however, a big tabbooleh plate does not prevent the authorities rfom fixing our roads.

Was it worth it? A new entry in the Guiness book, walaw! And economical gain, resulting from the branding of Hummus and Tabbouleh as Lebanese.

TheCedarTree considers this food contest ridiculous, Rami thinks it is habal, Maya that it is pointless, adiamondinsunlight bizarre.
What did Fady Abboud, president of The Association of Lebanese Industrialists have to say?

“The record-breaking attempt hopes to lay claims to the dishes’ cultural heritage and dispel international belief that the dishes are Greek or Israeli in origin. A lot of countries are trying to dishonestly appropriate these dishes and this in turn results in colossal losses.”

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