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Green Festival Seattle 2010

What I saw in the Green Festival

  1. Auspen: The World’s Eco-friendly whiteboard marker
  2. E-cycle: a program that provides free recycling of computers and other electronics. Goodwill is partnering with them.
  3. Marcal: a company making 100% recycled paper products (tissues, napkins, toilet paper, ..) tissues and toilet paper with 100% recycled
  4. Canvas Dreams: a small company based in Oregon providing sustainable web hosting
  5. Sleeping Lady: a mountain resort in the Cascades. Their business card has flower seeds in it and can be planted
  6. Birchware: naturally green, 100% compostable cutlery
  7. Haymarket Books: a seemingly socialist/communist publishing house
  8. Fungi Perfecti: a company selling edible mushrooms. I’m definitely getting one of their products!
  9. Zipcar: who still owe me a $25 credit from my subscription started last year Didn’t they just get purchased ?
  10. Yes! Magazine: handing out calendars and past issues to people that subscribe (I did)
  11. 2012 Time for Change: a film by Joao Amorim, with some times to transcendental meditation 
  12. B Green: one of a number of companies selling organic clothing items
  13. Organic Consumers: a consumer guide to organic body care products
  14. Garden Cycles: an organization protecting the Washington forests from invading weeds and ivy
  15. Alchemy Goods: A Seattle company selling accessories (bags, wallets, ..) made of recycled bicycle tires Read the rest of this entry »

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