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Baby changing-stations now mandatory!

Just in case you lost confidence in feminism and politics, president Michel Aoun signed the Babies Act on Friday, demanding that changing tables be made available in all bathrooms of public buildings, even the rooms of the men. Because dads must also change diapers. It is not much to oppose, for example, MPs who ridicule other men in Parliament for considering updating archaic laws on sexual harassment, but sometimes it is better to focus on small things. For example, men can change the diaper of their own baby in public toilets.


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Pity the Expat

A touching painful tear shed by Maurice Obeid (Harvard student) that attracts the attention to the anguish of the Lebanese expatriates, away from their loved ones:

Beirut airport, by For the young expat, the dilemma is painstakingly familiar: he sits at the airport waiting for a connecting flight to Europe or America, wondering whether he is committing a huge mistake. Is it worth leaving his people, his culture, and his family behind in search for opportunity? This is not his first time leaving home. In fact, he has been shuttling back and forth for many years now. Yet he cannot explain why his throat still throbs and why he has to fight back tears each time he leaves. Though surrounded by many, he is completely alone.

Unsurprisingly, that subject was tackled many times before, such as Nisrine from (temporarily) Geneva, in her article, “Why are we here?“:

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The Red Light district is closing

Amsterdam In the process of limit prostitution and foreign drug tourism, Amsterdam is shutting down the Red Light District!

According to Gadling:

The Amsterdam council is trying its best to change that image, and has started project “1012” (1012 is the postcode number for the city center).

The city has already purchased, and closed over 100 of the windows where women would display their “goods”. Next up are the many coffeeshops, which obviously sell more than just coffee. The city has created a multi-million Euro fund to pay for converting these stores to something less sleazy, like an ice cream shop or bar. One entrepreneur was paid 25 million Amsterdam Red Light DistrictEuro’s to close 60 of his windows, obviously making for a pretty decent retirement payment.

The end result should hopefully convert the old Wallen into a more tourist friendly district, without window after window of prostitution. That does not mean the city is completely abolishing the Red Light district – there will still be some windows, just a lot less than the current 482. Amsterdam clearly hopes to attract a different kind of tourist than the ones heading to their city for nothing more than sex and drugs.

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