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Learn Lebanese Arabic with Abjadiye

Abjadiye is yet another online tutorial to learn the Lebanese dialect, for those abroad having a Lebanese friend or family you want to get closer to.

Learn Lebanese Arabic with Abjadiye


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Learn Lebanese Arabic with Keefak

Did you always want to learn Arabic Lebanese language? Well, now there is an iPhone/Android app for that: Keefak

Unlike most other tutorials that focus on the literal written Arabic (with ubiquitous words like شُكراً Shukran and عَفواً Afwan) that is not exactly close to the spoken dialect spoken in Lebanon, this app aims to teach you the Lebanese-Arabic dialect. Read the rest of this entry »

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Learn Arabic in Beirut, with Saifi

Saifi Arabic Institute specializes in teaching the Lebanese Arabic Dialect, and Modern Standard Arabic (MSA) to non-native speakers working, studying, visiting or just enjoying Beirut, Lebanon.

About Saifi

Saifi Institute offers flexible and customized group lessons for young professionals. It is active primarily in teaching non-Arabs, and Arabs who grew up overseas, to communicate easily in Arabic countries.  In addition Saifi is involved in developing the grammar, vocabulary and spelling for the Lebanese dialect to be taught in a coherent and systematic curriculum.
Saifi was opened in 2008 by Rana Dirani and now has a staff of three full time teachers, and several part time teachers.  Saifi Institute for Arabic Language is registered with the Lebanese Ministry of Finance, and operates according to labor and intellectual property laws in Lebanon.

Saifi History

Saifi Institute for Arabic Language was established by Rana Dirani in January of 2008 in one room with one teacher.  Rana, who has been teaching Arabic since 2000, and doing mental planning for Saifi since at least 2005, finally decided to start her own school when the opportunity arose to take a room at Rootspace a shared office-space.  In August 2008 Saifi expanded into is current location.
Saifi teaches people from all walks of life from all over the world – journalists, NGO workers, volunteers and even Embassadors attend Saifi Institute.  The school now has three classrooms and three teachers, and plan are underway for a new location.

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Learn Arabic 201: The Man Who Killed My Father

Imagine the scene:
You want to learn Arabic, you find an old teach yourself Arabic book, you open a random page, and the first example you read is “The man whom my father killed”

The man who killed my father – الرجل الذي قتل ابي

WFT? Talking about perpetuating stereotypes.
(A new category on this blog is added for the occasion)

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