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1st Annual Lebanese Bloggers Convention @ AUB

Update: Date is changed to May 19

Location: American University of Beirut – West Hall: Auditorium A

Yet another opportunity to get updated on technology and social issues:

lebanese-bloggers-convention-aub-updatedin coordination with Outlook, AUB’s official newspaper, Mind Soup is hosting the first Lebanese Bloggers Convention at AUB.
During the convention/workshop, Lebanese guest bloggers will introduce the world of blogging to students and encourage them to express their ideas and opinions using personal blogs.
Also on the agenda is discussing the impact of blogging on the freedom of speech in Lebanon and the effect of blogging on the Lebanese society and culture.
Everyone is welcome to attend! If you are a non-AUB student and would like to attend, please send an email to so that your access to AUB’s closed campus can be facilitated!

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