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Lebanon-born Miss Michigan Rima Fakih is Miss USA 2010 !

At least she considers herself to be an Arab


Rima Fakih, Miss Michigan, was crowned Miss USA 2010 on Sunday night, becoming the first Arab-American to win the beauty pageant.


Born in Lebonon, she emigrated with her parents to the United States as a baby and attended Catholic school in New York City until her family moved to Michigan in 2003.
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Nassim Taleb angry

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Vote for Raghida Haddad to win the Earth Journalism Award

Raghida has currently 203 votes, and is ranked #3

Vote for her!

The Earth Journalism Awards started as a competition of approximately 450 submitted applications from over 100 countries. It is now 15 finalists from just 10 countries.
Until December 9, this is YOUR chance to select the winning story which will be presented at the Earth Journalism Awards ceremony in Copenhagen, on December 14.

Raghida Haddad on the Amundsen

Raghida Haddad, from Lebanon, is executive editor of Al-Bia Wal-Tanmia (Environment & Development), a leading environment magazine in the Middle East. In 2008, she spent 2 weeks in the Arctic Ocean to witness global warming.

2 Scientists Testing Ice & WaterRaghida was among 14 journalists invited by the World Federation of Science Journalists to join an international scientific expedition onboard the Canadian research icebreaker Amundsen.
In July-August 2008, she took a two week voyage in the Arctic Ocean to get first hand experience of global warming where it is unfolding the fastest, and relay this experience to readers throughout the Arab region.

She was the first Arab journalist to go this far north and field-report about meltdown and global warming.

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And the largest Tabbooleh dish goes to…

The world’s largest Tabbouleh dish was prepared today in Saifi Market, Beirut, and earned a new entry in the Guinness book world records, in a giant effort to confirm that “Hummus and Tabbouleh are Lebanese”

Tabbooleh world record

Was it fun? Totally.

Was it a priority? I would have preferred to have the public transportation improved, however, a big tabbooleh plate does not prevent the authorities rfom fixing our roads.

Was it worth it? A new entry in the Guiness book, walaw! And economical gain, resulting from the branding of Hummus and Tabbouleh as Lebanese.

TheCedarTree considers this food contest ridiculous, Rami thinks it is habal, Maya that it is pointless, adiamondinsunlight bizarre.
What did Fady Abboud, president of The Association of Lebanese Industrialists have to say?

“The record-breaking attempt hopes to lay claims to the dishes’ cultural heritage and dispel international belief that the dishes are Greek or Israeli in origin. A lot of countries are trying to dishonestly appropriate these dishes and this in turn results in colossal losses.”

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Nancy Ajram as a guest of Oprah Winfrey

Nancy AjramThe “Britney Spears of the Middle East” is a guest of Oprah Winfrey for her “Fame Ffrom Aaround Tthe Wworld” show in a 12 minute interview through Video Conference, in the show that was aired on the 28th of September for the American public, then later (November 7 ?) on the satellite network MBC4

Oprah Winfrey

Although the interview should have been held face to face in Chicago, Nancy Ajram revealed that she was not willing to travel to America for an interview and leave her daughter, Mila, behind.

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Pity the Expat

A touching painful tear shed by Maurice Obeid (Harvard student) that attracts the attention to the anguish of the Lebanese expatriates, away from their loved ones:

Beirut airport, by For the young expat, the dilemma is painstakingly familiar: he sits at the airport waiting for a connecting flight to Europe or America, wondering whether he is committing a huge mistake. Is it worth leaving his people, his culture, and his family behind in search for opportunity? This is not his first time leaving home. In fact, he has been shuttling back and forth for many years now. Yet he cannot explain why his throat still throbs and why he has to fight back tears each time he leaves. Though surrounded by many, he is completely alone.

Unsurprisingly, that subject was tackled many times before, such as Nisrine from (temporarily) Geneva, in her article, “Why are we here?“:

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Melodrama Habibi

Melodrama Habibi (2008) is a Lebanese film by Lebanese director Hany Tamba.

Featuring Julia Kassar, Patrick Chesnais, Pierrette Katrib,  Gabriel Yammine, Lara Matar, Pierre Chammassian, Maggie Badawi, Majdi Machmouchi & Fadi Reaidy, it was released yesterday in Lebanon’s cinemas

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