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John Nash of Arabia: Google works with the CIA!

6000 miles East of New Jersey, the John Nash of Arabia uncovered from Jordan recently a dangerous truth: Google works hand in hand with the CIA:

ومع رفض التأكيد يعني أنه هو تأكيد بأن لمخابرات أمريكا ولوج ورفض الرد حول جهاز الموساد هو تأكيد بأن له ولوج لبريد عرب كرنش لأن جوجل تستطيع أن تنفي أو تقول لا يوجد لهم ولوج

In short, here is what happened (in the founder’s words):

The founder of ArabCrunch asked Google if the CIA or Mossad have access to their emails on Gmail; Google refused to confirm, which is a confirmation that Google works with the CIA!

He later mentions that he prefers to give his life away, rather than reveal the sources of his articles… ouf!

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