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A new bike trail in Beirut

Beirut inaugurated its first bike trail a few weeks ago.

Although it is a small loop inside the city, and that it is only opened for a few hours on Sundays, it is nevertheless a small step forward towards a green and sustainable transport mentality in the ‘my car is bigger than yours’ society, and a victory for the bikers in Lebanon.

According to The Daily Star, this bike lane covers Tripoli Street of the Beirut Souks and Patriarch Howayek Street.

Here is an illustrative map for those who have no clue where those streets are

Beirut Bike Trail Map

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Green Festival Seattle 2010

What I saw in the Green Festival

  1. Auspen: The World’s Eco-friendly whiteboard marker
  2. E-cycle: a program that provides free recycling of computers and other electronics. Goodwill is partnering with them.
  3. Marcal: a company making 100% recycled paper products (tissues, napkins, toilet paper, ..) tissues and toilet paper with 100% recycled
  4. Canvas Dreams: a small company based in Oregon providing sustainable web hosting
  5. Sleeping Lady: a mountain resort in the Cascades. Their business card has flower seeds in it and can be planted
  6. Birchware: naturally green, 100% compostable cutlery
  7. Haymarket Books: a seemingly socialist/communist publishing house
  8. Fungi Perfecti: a company selling edible mushrooms. I’m definitely getting one of their products!
  9. Zipcar: who still owe me a $25 credit from my subscription started last year Didn’t they just get purchased ?
  10. Yes! Magazine: handing out calendars and past issues to people that subscribe (I did)
  11. 2012 Time for Change: a film by Joao Amorim, with some times to transcendental meditation 
  12. B Green: one of a number of companies selling organic clothing items
  13. Organic Consumers: a consumer guide to organic body care products
  14. Garden Cycles: an organization protecting the Washington forests from invading weeds and ivy
  15. Alchemy Goods: A Seattle company selling accessories (bags, wallets, ..) made of recycled bicycle tires Read the rest of this entry »

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Beirut Critical Mass Bike Rides

Book cover for Critical Mass: Bicycling's Defiant Celebration Critical Mass bike rides take place monthly in cities around the world. They are free mass participatory events, with no leaders or fixed agendas. However, the broad aim is to celebrate cycling and sustainable transport, and to give cyclists safety in numbers. The Critical Mass Beirut, Lebanon take place on the last Saturday of every month, The first of which will be this Saturday October 31st. Meeting point in Sanayeh Park at 12pm. Credits: Picture

Sanayeh Park, in Beirut, Lebanon

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Beirut distributing free compact florescent light bulbs!

YAY for the city of Beirut! In an unprecedented initiative to reduce global warming (and electricity bills), and since the Beirut Municipality care about its citizens and about the environment, the municipality gave away free compact florescent light bulbs at all Beirut Library branches this Saturday between noon and 4 p.m. The bulbs are provided as part of City Light’s Twist & Save program.

Finally, the public servants are doing some real work for the salaries we pay them!


Here is an excerpt for a Dailystar article that covered the event:

Beirut – Mayor Abdel Mounim Ariss joined community and business leaders today to launch Beirut Climate Action Now, a grassroots campaign to encourage everyone in Beirut to reduce global warming pollution at home, on the road and in their neighborhoods.

Sponsored by the city of Beirut with the support of community groups & nonprofit organizations, Beirut Climate Action Now ( will help people make smart choices to protect the city and the planet from the threat of climate change. Using online resources and community events, the public awareness campaign will connect people across the street and across the city make a difference for the future of our environment.


Beirut is working to reach that goal by providing clean, renewable energy through City Light; encouraging the construction of energy-efficient commercial and residential buildings, promoting the use of alternative fuels; and making it easier and safer to walk, bike and take transit.
A centerpiece of Beirut Climate Action Now is a new web site – – that will make it easy for everyone to get involved. It features simple steps that people can take to cut carbon emissions that are causing global warming. The site’s calendar and homepage will be a clearinghouse for information about climate-related events and activities across the city.

The web site will also feature Zerofootprint Beirut, a first-of-its-kind climate-action planner that allows people to develop personalized actions plans for reducing their climate pollution. Zerofootprint Beirut also allows residents to see the effect of their actions individually, and it adds them up to show the community-wide benefit.

To good to be true?

Blog Action Day This blog post about the issue of climate change on October 15th is part of the Blog Action Day annual event.




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