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While trying to move away from politics, this blog aims to promote other topics pertaining to social events, environment, technology, … anything that could contribute to improve the quality of our lives in Lebanon, such as a fast & cheap internet infrastructure, Lebanon on the international scene, public transportation, public gardens, public libraries, public beaches, … you get the idea.

Instead of being stuck in the my-horn-is-louder-than-yours fruitless fight, we are doing our part of advocating those topics.

Do not hesitate to send us your ideas, as a response on this page

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  1. 1

    Serpico said,

    Hats off for not being stuck in the my-horn-is-louder-than-yours fruitless fight.

  2. 2

    Richart Khalil said,

    Great Ideas, in fact we added you in our blogroll at http://www.cabym.wordpress.com/

    just keep doing the great work!!!


  3. 3

    Antoine Rizk said,

    Great work this blog I have added a link to it from mine. I would be very grateful if you can add to your Learn Lebanese category the site which I have recently launched http://www.abjadiye.com aimed at teaching the living Lebanese language the way it is spoken every day. It contains thousands of conversation phrases and corresponding audio files, thousands of pictures, a full lexicon of words etc.
    Available in English and French. Soon in other languages.


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