Help the People in Haiti – Facebook Scam_

You probably saw that application on Facebook by now

You install an application, spend some time filling a survey, then get satisfied that you supported suffering people by donating some money to a charity with no name, no records, no credits…

The HelpHaiti application states the following:

Help donating to the victims, just by clicking.

On january 12, a 7.0 magnitude earthquake struck Haiti. Join recovery efforts in mobilizing around the…

We did look for some credentials to confirm that this is indeed a charity that cares about people… Didn’t find any. If you know where the money goes, please enlighten us.

In addition, the lack of positive feedback, and the number of negative reviews confirm our suspicions that this application is a scam


It is a shame that the developers of this application are using a disaster, homeless and starving people to serve their selfish needs, scam people and make money by forcing them to take surveys

What is Facebook waiting for to block this application? Or do they like the traffic it generates?

You want to make a difference? You can…

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