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Busty girl touching herself on the Arabic Star Academy!

The indecency of Star Academy never stops!

Not only the Lebanese channel LBC imitates the immoral west for financial gains, by mixing unmarried women and men under the same roof, often in inappropriate positions, & gives the public access to bedrooms.


Now they give us this!


A busty girl, in a short dress, touching herself and grabbing her chest, to the delight of male -and female- viewers. To add to the insult, she pretends not to see the camera zooming to her breast!


How did this soft-porn show passed censorship? (too bad it only lasts 2 minutes)

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Michel Hayek Predictions on Malek Maktabi’s Show "Ahmar bel Khatt el Arid"’ – LBC 29/10/2009

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American Gladiator, Arabic Version الأبطال


Zeina Khouri is the host of the show Gladiator, along with the Star Academy star, Nasser Abu Lafi.

Zeina Khoury

36 participants from all over the Arabic world are competing against 14 professional athletes in a production that did cost 3 million dollars, and that was expected to be full of action, adventure, and fighting, …

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