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Canada 1 – 0 Lebanon

Picture it, a Canadian city with a “metro area” of 9,417.88 km2 is where I currently live. Not a bad size city if you ask me… pretty close to the full size Lebanon actually. It seems to be governed very well… I mean traffic runs smoothly and safely, snow is removed on time (usually), people follow the laws, and jobs for anyone who is actually trying to find a job. Oh, did I mention that the city council is ALWAYS functioning effectively and properly? Now picture this: my Canadian city is very small compared to the 9,984,670 km2 which encompasses the whole Canadian country… and guess what? They’re governing all that land, with all those 35 million people remarkably well. – Seif

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Driving in Lebanon

Driving in Lebanon

OTV: 3aks l seir – disastrous driving in Lebanon | عكس السير 1

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Wedding dress for sale

Brand New Bridal Dress for Sale:

  • Colors: Diamond White
  • With Lace (Dentelle)
  • Collection: 2009
  • Contact: 03 00 2684

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2nd Mikati CSR Initiative seminar

The Mikati Corporate Social Responsibility Initiative Seminar

The Olayan School of Business (OSB) at the American University of Beirut hosted  its second seminar as part of the Mikati CSR Speaker Series and the CSR initiative sponsored by the Mikati Group.

Dr. Dima Jamali opening the seminar

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Valets Parking in Lebanon

Since few people have a sense of community or respect public property in Lebanon, and since most are too lazy to walk 2 meters, our take today is on Valets Parking attendants.

Valets Parking in Beirut, Lebanon

Valets Parking in Lebanon

We do not consider the valets to be second class citizens, and we do not paint everyone with the same brush. However, some are really arrogant, and we do agree with the points that Liliane, Finkployed and Lamal raised:

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Nassim Taleb angry

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Looking for roommates in Beirut?

Just a quick list of available apartments to rent in Beirut

Roommate is needed

Looking for a flatmate in Hamra

Ras Beirut

One bedroom available for rent near AUB and Hamra St

Roommate needed
Female roomate needed to share with two girls in a large apartment in Ain Al Mreisseh, one minute’s walk from the AUB girl’s dorms. The available room has a double bed, A/C and a small balcony.

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Affordable Apartments for Rent in Beirut

In really near suburbs you can find pretty cheap but still big enough apartments.

BadaroAin el Remmaneh for example is 5 or 10 minutes away from Ashrafieh, depending on where in this area you live (if there is a lot of traffic, it could take you 30 or 40 minutes depending on where you want go in Ashrafieh cause it is a big area).

Other than Ain el Remaneh, you have Badaro (slightly more expensive), Furn el Chebbak, Sin el Fil and Ras el Nabeh/Sodeco.

Those are the main areas surrounding Ashrafieh that are not considered to be inside the city but very very close suburbs with flats that are quite cheap
(pour te donner un petit exemple, tu peux facilement trouver un bon T1 bis ou T2 meublés à 300 euros)

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Vitamins B12 in Kellogg’s Corn Flakes?

Since Kellogg’s Corn Flakes are vegetarian, where did the vitamins B12 come from?
Would any nutritionist like to answer?

Kellogg Corn Flakes Package


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Painting for sale: Beirut Harbor

A rare painting dated 1841 by the short-lived English painter William James Muller, depicting the port at Ras Beirut, is for sale

The watercolor measures 12 x 17 inches and is in excellent condition. The painting was purchased in London in 1970.

Beyrout Harbor, watercolor and gouache

William James Muller
Beyrout  circa 1841
watercolor and gouache (bodycolor) on paper
12 x 17 inches, matted and framed behind glass 

William J. Muller worked a great deal in the southwest of England. Muller also loved to travel around the Mediterranean basin and a portion of these paintings were used to create printing plates that were in turn used in creating handbooks.
The composition of this work is the harbor of Beirut. This painting has been off the market for 45 years; the short life of the artist severely reduced his art output, making this painting very rare.  Additionally, 19th century views of Lebanon are scarcely ever seen for sale.

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